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Books by Shauna King

The #1 Rated Book to Feed Your Faith

Fear is not good, fear is not bad, it is simply an emotion, and our response to this emotion determines its impact. With this 21 day devotional, be inspired to feed your faith and live fearlessly each day. Shauna King provides you with inspirational messages that will give you the strength to face your fears and live life to the fullest.

Secure Your Copy of School Smart Today

From homework, to report cards, to spring fever, school can be tough, and not just for children. School Smart is an easy to read guidebook that steers parents and educators through a school year, touching on the significant milestones encountered and explaining how best to help children navigate those experiences.

Downloadable Resources for Educators

25 Positive Responses to Negative Student Behavior

The teacher’s response to negative behavior can escalate or eliminate the student behavior. The attached list of suggested responses helps to focus on the positive while maintaining a level of respect and dignity for both teacher and student.

Hit the Save Button: Using Dopamine to Boost Learning

Discover ways to use brain science to boost learning in your classroom.

Creating Effective Consequences

An effective classroom management program includes strategies that are preventive, supportive and corrective. Use the document to create consequences that are respectful, related, reasonable and reliably enforced.

Battling Against Teacher Burnout

Teaching is hard word and requires an intentional focus on self care to prevent burnout. This post can help you to be proactive and minimize the impact of teacher burnout on your school.

Downloadable Resources for Parents

Questions More Effective Than “How Was Your Day?”

Are your tired of hearing “fine” as a response to this basic question?  Here is a list of 20 questions that can generate a response from your child at the end of a long school day.

Excellent Resource for Parents & Educators

Staying Smart and Sane during the Quarantine: Strategies for Parents of Adolescents

If feel like you’re over your head don’t worry I’m here to help. Our current close quarters is the perfect time to model essential tools such as learning, relationship building and managing stress.