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That Grow Educators

“Shauna King’s presentations are motivating and relevant for any school. Whether your needs are for your whole staff, leadership team, individual teachers, or the parent community, Shauna’s knowledge and experience give her that edge to engage all audiences”

Keynotes & Workshops

Equity and Positive School Culture  

Teaching with Poverty and Equity in Mind (Based on training with Dr. Eric Jensen)

What We Say Matters: Using Language to Foster Equity, Motivation and Behavior 

The Power of Relationships

Cooperative Discipline: A Practical Approach to Classroom Management

“I Can’t Take Recess, so what do I do?” Creating a System for Effective Consequences

Exceptional Teaching Strategies   

Brain Based Strategies to Promote Student Engagement

I See You and You Matter: Culturally Responsive Teaching

The ABC’s of Student Success (Attitudes, Behaviors, Cognitive Skills)

Understanding and Responding to Trauma

Moving from Compliance To Engagement

The WOW Factor: Creating  Engaging PD’s for Adults


Genius Level Parenting 

School Smart: It’s More Than Just Reading And Writing

Understanding and Supporting your “ Smart” Child

What We Say Matters: Language to Motivate and Encourage Children

Positive Behaviors Strategies that Work


Classrooms of H.O.P.E.- A Trauma Informed /Brain Based Approach

The #B.I.G. Movement: Be Intentionally Great for Yourself and for Children

Moving Beyond Poverty: Strategies for Success

The Power of Positive Relationships

Watch Shauna educate on
Classroom Engagement Strategies

Strengthening our connections with others
to positively grow our own emotional well-being.


King Professional Development

Research communicates how our words and actions impact behavior. Shauna educates on how to use brain science and positive language to promote desired outcomes.

The B.I.G. Movement

We all have the capacity to Be Intentionally Great
Make an Enormous Impact to Positively Change the World


Shauna Works for Your Success

She believes in a diverse range of strategic solutions
that bring creative skills, research, and ideas to her trainings.


Expertly Trained

Shauna King has co-presented Teaching with Poverty/Equity in Mind with national expert and author Dr. Eric Jensen. Dr. Eric Jensen has been named one of the top 30 global gurus in education. Learn how to make real Gains in Student Achievement from Genuine Classroom Tested, Brain-Based Science.


Effectively Practical

Does your staff need strategies to improve student behavior or boost student Engagement? Participants in Shauna King workshops receive user friendly strategies that are based in science and the realities of today’s schools.


Experienced Leader

As a former school and district leader, Shauna King connects brain and motivation science to the classroom to transform the engagement levels of students and teachers.  School leaders will gain insight on how to overcome challenges such as poverty, teacher burnout, negative school culture and student effort.

Highly Valued Feedback

Recent comments from attendees at Shauna’s most current workshops.

I valued the information on defining trauma and how trauma correlates with disorders or behaviors late in life. Thank you!!

Tanya Hussey

Thomas Edison Charter School

Active nature of the presentation. I like how you incorporate just the right amount of brain science to explain why strategies work.

Debbie Hollen

Dauphin County Technical School

So much insight. Loved how honest she was. This is such important information to be aware of especially as a teacher.

Naomi Devine

Thomas Edison Charter School

OMG! The Best Training I have ever attended. Flawless!! Seriously!! She never missed about understanding how ACE’s affect learning. Flawless from start to finish.

Nadine Moore

Thomas Edison Charter School


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